Foster Furry Friends

25 Oct

Do you like free stuff? Well you are in for a dog treat! The Stillwater Humane Society is currently looking for friendly pet lovers to foster our furry friends. If you volunteer your time for our animals you will realize that this is a beneficial opportunity for both you and the pet.

             Living in a shelter can be extremely difficult for some of our animals. Not every pet can adjust properly to the shelter environment. Since we can provide the extra care these animals need, we are seeking volunteers that are willing to lend a helping hand. Who wouldn’t want to take care of a cute puppy or kitty for free anyways? This is such a heartwarming experience for both you and your new pal.

                Foster parenting may vary from anywhere from a week to several months. This all depends on the need of the animal and the avaliabitly of the foster parent. The Stillwater Humane Society will provide the foster parent with food, medicine, vet care and crate. So basically if you volunteer as a foster parent you will be getting to play with a cuddly friend for free. How nice is that?!

                Volunteer Guidelines:

  • Must be able to provide a safe and stable environment
  • Experience with animal medical issues is a plus but is not needed
  • Patience
  • Willing to nurse the pet
  • Reliable transportation to travel to and from the Stillwater Humane Society
  • And most of all, your love


If you and interested in being a foster parent please contact Jackie at (405)377-1701 or

Look for Stillwater Humane Society on Facebook and Twitter


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