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25 Oct

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25 Oct

I loved this blog! This is such a helpful source for people who do not know anything about dog adoption. This blog will persuade more people to adopt a shelter dog since you point out all of the positives about the experience. This makes me want to adopt a dog right now, but as a college student that is not going to happen at the moment. But, great blog! Best Wishes.

How to Pick the Right Pooch from a Shelter by wendtworth

I agree with your blog. No kill shelters need to be more popular around the nation. There is no need for shelters to kill harmless animals just because they are not being adopted. I wish no kill shelters were the only type of shelters in the world. I would love to see a group of people stand up together and try to end euthanizing animals. I loved your blog and couldn’t agree with you more.
Best wishes. No-Kill Animal Shelters by chrisshaughness

Beautiful nursery! It is neutral so it will be great for a boy or girl. Maybe add blue or pink accents depending on the sex of the baby. I love this look. It is very elegant, classy and clean. Such a happy environment to raise your new baby. I enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to upcoming posts. Good luck & Take care!The Decorating Voices in My Head by Taryn M. Peine

This looks absolutely delicious! I am a huge fan of pumpkin. This would be great for Thanksgiving. Looks light and easy to make. Do you have any other recipes that involve pumpkin? I am very interested in your blog and think you do a fantastic job. I cannot wait to read upcoming posts from you. Good luck & Take care.Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal by Sarah

All of these look so delicious and they really make me look forward to the upcoming halloweeen weekend!I will definitly make some of these shots.My friends will love them. This is such a creative idea and the picture you took looks amazing. The Hellraiser looks like it may be my favorite one. Which shot is your favorite? Great blog & take care!

This is such a great blog! Very creative and looks fun. If I was a parent I would have my children play this game. How did you discover this idea? It is adorable! Gets me in the mood for fall. Love the pictures you took as well. Beautiful colors! Fantastic job.

I love your blog and agree with it. I’m a college student myself and feel the same way as you. Life as a college student isn’t easy and is extemely stressful. I’m just ready to get out in the real world and being my life. I think it’s awesome you get to study in London. How is that going? I’d love to go there someday.

These looks amazing!!! Caught my attention quickly and made me very hungry. These look even better than Red Lobster! Thank you for taking the time to share your recipe. It is very easy to follow the instructions you posted. I will be making these as soon as I get a chance. Wonderful blog!

I agree with your post. Very well written and interesting. Kids are our future and we need to do our best to make sure they on the right, heathly track. It is not only important to educate them but we also need to make sure their bodies stay healthy. We do live in the most obese country as it is. Hope this all changes someday. Are we really helping kids get healthy? by Lara Dalch

Great blog! I am glad the NFL is acknowledging breast cancer awareness. It is an extremely poplular disease around the world. I have known people who have passed away from it. I truely hope that someday there will be a cure for cancer in general. My grandmother has cancer and it’s very sad to watch. But, fantastic blog. Keep up the good work!

Foster Furry Friends

25 Oct

Do you like free stuff? Well you are in for a dog treat! The Stillwater Humane Society is currently looking for friendly pet lovers to foster our furry friends. If you volunteer your time for our animals you will realize that this is a beneficial opportunity for both you and the pet.

             Living in a shelter can be extremely difficult for some of our animals. Not every pet can adjust properly to the shelter environment. Since we can provide the extra care these animals need, we are seeking volunteers that are willing to lend a helping hand. Who wouldn’t want to take care of a cute puppy or kitty for free anyways? This is such a heartwarming experience for both you and your new pal.

                Foster parenting may vary from anywhere from a week to several months. This all depends on the need of the animal and the avaliabitly of the foster parent. The Stillwater Humane Society will provide the foster parent with food, medicine, vet care and crate. So basically if you volunteer as a foster parent you will be getting to play with a cuddly friend for free. How nice is that?!

                Volunteer Guidelines:

  • Must be able to provide a safe and stable environment
  • Experience with animal medical issues is a plus but is not needed
  • Patience
  • Willing to nurse the pet
  • Reliable transportation to travel to and from the Stillwater Humane Society
  • And most of all, your love


If you and interested in being a foster parent please contact Jackie at (405)377-1701 or

Look for Stillwater Humane Society on Facebook and Twitter

These dogs have it ruff

25 Oct

There are many adorable pets at the Stillwater Humane Society that are in need of a home. With such a wide variety of pets at our shelter there is a perfect pet for anyone. So come in and volunteer today so you can meet a new furry friend!

Our Furry Friends These are just a few lovable friends that are looking for a new home to care for them. So come in today and find your perfect fit!

Willoughby is a dachshund who is from Stillwater. He is 3 years old and is very friendly. He enjoys the company of other dogs and has a sweet personality. Willoughby would be a great friend to any child or adult.

Sissy is a Labrador retriever / Australian Sheppard mix from Stillwater. She is really sweet and loves other dogs. Sissy is well trained 3 year old because she sits on command, speaks and enjoys playing ball.

Snickers is a Domestic Short Hair-Gray Mix cat from Stillwater. He is 4 years old that is declawed and neutered. Snickers is a lazy cat who enjoys watching television. He is 19.5 pounds of sweet loving!

Chloe is a Tabby/Dilute Tortoiseshell Mix cat from Stillwater. She is around 1 years old who is small. She is blue cream tortishell classic tabby. She has only been an indoor pet and has experience of living with other cats.

Dylan is black Dane/ Labrador retriever mix. He is a well behaved, sweet dog. Dylan knows how to sit on command and is not shy. He is a very sweet dog who will make his owner happy.

Here is a link to view more friendly faces:

Remember, Stillwater Humane Society operates a NO KILL nonprofit shelter and exists on donations from the public.

Why adopting a dog will make your life happier

10 Oct

Studies show that people who are dog owners have happier, healthier and longer lives. A furry friend can add that extra spunk in your life. So, check out the Stillwater Humane Society to find your perfect canine friend.

Longer life

Scientists have proven that people who owned dogs in their lives lived three years longer than people who did not own dogs. Psychologists believe that owning a dog helps lower your blood pressure and your cholesterol. So in this case people who own a dog usually live longer.

Healthy Habits

When you own a dog you are forced to have live with good habits. It is vital to walk your dog daily. So, that not only benefits your canine but it also benefits you. Walking your dog not only burns calories but it also decreases stress. Being less stressed throughout your life will keep you healthier. Studies prove that dog owners walk 79 percent more than non dog owners.

Care Taker

As humans we naturally want to care for something. Owning a dog allows you to take care of another living thing. The dog becomes your baby that you nurture and become connected with. Dogs bring energy and joy into your life. Owning a dog will make you feel safe and feel unconditional love. Your dog will love you regardless what you do or say. Giving your canine the simple love it needs is enough for them to become your best friend.

Dogs are a man’s best friend. Owning a dog is beneficial to your lifestyle. The Stillwater Humane Society will help you find your perfect match.

Save a life

4 Oct

 Is adoption from a shelter right for you?

Adopting a dog or cat from the Stillwater Humane Society is beneficial to you and your pet. The animals in the shelter come from homes where they were not loved or could not financially be supported. National figures indicate that half of the animals that live in shelters are euthanized for lack of good homes for them.


When adopting shelter animals the Stillwater Humane society pairs you up with the best match for you. There is also follow-up counseling regarding life with your new pet, dog training classes and pet parenting classes for first time owners. 

Also, another advantage is that fees are much less expensive than breeders or a pet store. Your new pet is also more likely to be pre-neutered, spayed, pre-wormed and pre-vaccinated.  

We care about your happiness

New animals arrive at the shelter everyday so there are many different choices to choose from when adopting. If there is a specific type of pet you are looking for, you will most likely find your furry friend at our shelter. Also, there is a waiting list you can be on if there is a certain type of pet you are looking for.

Most Importantly

If you choose to adopt a pet rather than buy from a breeder or pet store, you will save a life. Unfortunately 3 and 4 million cats and dogs are euthanized each year because not enough people adopt from shelters. There is limited space in shelters for staff members have a difficult job of euthanizing animals who have not been adopted.

So if you are looking for a new pet come out to the Stillwater Humane society and find the best match for you.

Check out the top 5 reasons why you should adopt.

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